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Thread: Halloween Decorations

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    Halloween Decorations

    Sara is much better at this stuff than I am...

    Pumpkin carving time is coming up too

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    something tells me you can come up with a better pumpkin blade than one of these:

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    If it weren't Halloween, then I might have guessed this was the cob-webbed condition of your shop having just returned from a long time away!

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    If i didn't know better i'd say business seems slow....

    Anyway, when i lived in the US my house was let to a family who moved there from Detroit with a 5year old kid.

    So in the end of october I get a very upset phone call from one of my Swedish friends (he has no kids and Halloween is not widely celebrated in Sweden). He says, Robin, you gotta talk to your tenants, your whole porch is covered in spidersweb... dont they ever clean it?
    So i look around our house, covered in spiders, pumpkins and web... and

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    The little shank like paring knife you sell works awesome for carving pumpkins. I just finished mine up a little while ago.


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    we didn't have enough time to do pumpkin carving this year but at least i had fun decorating the store!

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