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Thread: Wasabi Vodka Anyone?

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    Wasabi Vodka Anyone?


    a quote from the company's website:
    "At Ninja school I was taught the saying, ‘The Wasabi-eating Ninja Laughs Last’. I’m still trying to figure out what it means, but in the meantime have created this fiery flavour to creep up on your taste buds. Enjoy."

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    Yum. I'd love to try that. A distiller friend of mine made peanut butter vodka once, not so good, lol. I'm not a big vodka drinker, more of a beer or rum guy, but that would make an interesting Bloody Mary
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    Did you try it, Jon?

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    hehe, Wyborowa.

    Not the best base to do mixers to begin with...

    Catchy idea though

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    Best Caesar ever...
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    Chilled shots of this stuff would go well with fish, sushi & sashimi. Snacks like peanuts too.

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    I'm thinking killer Bloody Mary too -

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