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    Charlotte, NC AKA The Queen City! The lint-filled belly button of the south.
    So my daughter went as Supergirl and my son was Buzz Lightyear. Store-bought costumes for sure, but some day when I escape from indentured servitude (or is it serf-i-tude?) I will craft them myself!
    Every year I don my lobster costume. The neighbors kind of expect it, and it's cool to see my kids grow in comparison.
    I love Halloween. My kids are like psycho crack-heads after ingesting insane amounts of candy. Getting them to bed always proves a challenge.
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    Very cool Kynfe. Next year when my new little boy comes along, I am going to dress up as a building and put him in a little king kong outfit, then I will just carry him around as if he is climbing the building.

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    Many years ago and one of the few times we could get a pic of her... at 17 now and getting ANY pic is near imposable. I hope to get one this year because she really out did herself this year

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    I have new found respect for Knyfeknerd .
    nice pictures everyone .
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    Cute kids, everyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by mr drinky View Post
    Next year when my new little boy comes along, I am going to dress up as a building and put him in a little king kong outfit, then I will just carry him around as if he is climbing the building.
    This is genius.

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    Love the king kong idea.

    My observations of tonight:
    Peter Pan's Shadow = all black costume running around at night = oops
    Went with other couples. One dad dressed up. Sports CGI outfit = tight under armor with ping pong balls attached. Chilly Minneapolis night. "you've got a lot of balls wearing that"... totally appropriate even in front of kids.

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    Went to the library yesterday, and all the librarians were dressed up. Except one in jeans and a t-shirt that said "Yea Ceilings". When I asked her about it, she whipped a cheerleading pompom out, jumped up and down and said "Yea Ceilings! I'm a ceiling fan!" I thought it was pretty darn funny--until I heard the King Kong idea, which is the best ever!
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    Your kids are ADORABLE... also Your lobster costume is amazing. LOL Made my day.

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    This is awesome. What a way to support your knerdlings! I did not get approval to post a pic of us online but we went as a complete set of Incredibles (sans tights). My wife made the shirts and did a great job, if I do say so myself. After a heated discussion with my almost three year old son, it was decided that he was "Bob-Mister-Incredible" and I had to be Dasch. I had to explain that to about a dozen people when he took exception to people assuming I was the dad, lol.

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    Nice pictures

    Here is my son.
    Sorry for the bad quality. was taken fast with my phone.

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