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Thread: I feel bad

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    Higher education = best investment you ever make. You certainly will take it - and maybe a few detempered knives - with you at the end.

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    You're in a tough place and one faced by a lot of students I see. I will add that if you're going to do something, do it well or don't do it at all. You don't want to be dragging around a poor reputation the rest of your life. Good luck with your decision.

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    I'm 43, took me 20 years to finish my A.A. I've started on my B.S. now and hopefully it'll take less time than my A.A to finish. Even at 8 years, you're doing fine. Grind on. It's a grind. Don't be too distracted. There is never a better time than right now to handle this. Later is only worse. Do you think having a life, wife, kids, and a full time job makes it easier or harder to stay in school? Yeah, it's totally worth staying in school, working hard and doing what you have to get get it done now. When my kids (14, 12 and 10) start slacking off in school I point at myself as what not to do. They know the games, recitals and plays I've missed (sometimes) because of either work or school or both, and they know that we don't DO all the things we could be doing IF I had more time and possible more income. My middle son says he wants to be like me, a good father and good husband (quite a compliment). I tell him step one of that is to finish his degree and find a job he loves (not necessarily one that pays the best). If he does those two things then he'll likely be prepared to be the kind of husband and father he wants to be. I would saythe same to my daighter (14) but she's already pretty driven. My youngest just wants to be a boxer and photographer, so I'm pretty sure he's a lost cause (KIDDING!).

    Anyway, you're in. stay in. see it though. finish what you start.
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    I say make a strong run through the rest of the semester and then if need be you can re-evaluate things during your break. My degree is something that I do not use, but nonetheless would feel incomplete without having achieved. Stand strong!

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    I highly recommend obtaining the degree as well as not taking time off. It is just too hard to go back later in life. The degree tells potential employers that you have the ability to meet standards and persevere through the exact things that are giving you troubles now. Even if you never use it, it cannot be taken away.

    Also I once thought that I would like to make knives full time. Then I went to a 40 hour class over 5 consecutive days and realized that knife making for me, as a hobby, stress reliever, creative outlet, ect is great but doing it day in and day out to pay the bills would be a whole other ball game.

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    As Lucretia said, you're taking weeder classes. My University employed this technique for my major as well.They are making things overly difficult on purpose to try and get rid of the students who aren't super serious about the degree. It will get better after another semester and your class is down to 1/3 of its original size, don't be one of the ones to give up. The classes get more intersting and more focused, which makes them easier. Also dont forget, employers love engineering degrees, these days it is the most employable piece of paper you can get.
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    Something that hasn't been brought up yet is that right now the lowest % of unemployment is people that have degrees. also many times you don't necessarily need a degree in certain fields, just having one will open the door to be considered.
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    You guys are awesome. I have to thank all of you for your thoughts and support.

    I'm sticking with the degree. I find that every time I doubt myself, it's only when it gets rough. Time to man up and improve. I know I'll regret it if I never finish college.

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