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Thread: Mortise and tenon handle

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    Mortise and tenon handle

    Something knyfeknerd said in his thread got me thinking - why not do a mortise and tenon connection between the ferrule and handle? I made this for a used Takagi Honyaki Gyuto I got recently. The wood came from Mark Farley it's Amboyna burl with an Oregon Black Oak ferrule. I made a jig to cut the mortise and cheeks for the ferrule on the table saw then cleaned up with a file. Two things became apparent right away - #1 the slot for the tang is not easy to make even on two pieces and #2 this stabilized wood polishes to an amazing luster I was knocked out by how it buffed up.

    How do you guys make such clean tang slots?

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    Maybe make multiple, smaller ones, almost like the battlements on a chess' rook peice. But yeah, I like it.
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    Most of the Japanese made wa handles are mortise and tenon, as are Marko's. Some other guys as well. They are just completely internal.
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    Thats interesting...i like it.
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    Thats really nice, i like it, but i do agree with carl, putting more smaller ones would look cooler. But i still think that is a beautiful!!! handle.

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    That would be such a PITA to jig up for. Probably an indexing system and then you'd need to use a small shaper/router and that would equal much higher pucker & oops factors.

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    This is the first I have seen done like this.
    Unusual but still kind of cool.
    I like it.
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    I like thats actually pretty sweet! I agree maybe making a crown of sorts may actually look really cool. Great job !!

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    I slotted a wa handle that had 1/8" pilot. It was a nightmare....never again.
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    Love the raw handle end too

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