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Thread: New Steels

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    New Steels

    Will need a chance to test them but have ordered some interesting and new to me steels for different projects.

    A slightly different steel in the carbon tungsten alloy spectrum. Less tungsten than 1.2442 but a good dollop more carbon.

    - carbon 1,3 %
    - chromium 1,0 %
    - molybdenum 0,3 %
    - tungsten 1,3 %
    - vanadium 0,2 %
    Looks very promising and have no doubt it will be another super cutter, but will see if I prefer this or 1.2442, I only want to use one steel in this category and my aims are very specific. As much edge stable hardness as possible, without loosing sharpen ability.
    Heat treat will be along the same lines of the 1.2442 so will have something finished very quickly to try in this. Will be using it in san mai only.

    If I like it will just term it Catcheblue Probably makes more sense than all the numbers... well actually the numbers do make sense but Catcheblue might be more catchy

    SC125, Superclean carbon steel,1.25% carbon, thats it! Its very clean.

    Will be using this for Honyaki style knives, all forged including bevels to enhance the shallow hardening properties ,water quenched with clay coat for hamon. Might even dig up some clay from the forest of dean to use in the hamon mix as its very red and dense, see if it has any special properties in making a nice hamon, though I'm sure temp and technique will be most important Looking forward to this project, will have something done for the next Gathering.


    Nice sensible looking stainless, I have a feeling it will be a little more in the tough category for my current carbon tastes, but hoping it shows less edge distortion than aeb-l at full hardness when super thin with barely a touch on microbevel , I actually hope it is a little larger carbide than aeb-l actually, just a touch, and if its less prone to distortion on HT/temper/grind that would help too.

    I will be attempting to forge it as well which is always lots of fun with stainless

    So I might well not like it just because I'm spoiled for great carbon stuff and have very specific aims....but will give it a go and if at least I like it as much as 14c28n and have less heat treatment distortion battles..... then will HT in small batches only on preorder probably for small Gyutos.

    But that won't be for a while, these things take time when juggling projects.

    Thanks All

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    Exciting news Will. You know we'll all be on the lookout for that new carbon steel
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    Looking forward to this!
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