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Thread: Greetings and salutations!

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    Greetings and salutations!

    My name is Joshua, and I have recently had a revelation regarding kitchen knives, thanks to having recently won a Gahoujin 180mm stainless steel western style santoku on another forum's Breast Cancer Awareness auction (Badger & Blade). The knife was generously donated by Jon and Sara from Japanese Knife Imports (JKI) and has been fitted with beautiful custom English Sycamore scales with pink G-10 liners and custom mosaic pins- and to top it off, the knife was sharpened by Dave Martell. Not only is it one of the most beautiful knives I've ever held, and so thin, but it made all of this past week's storm preparation for myself and my parents a breeze (again no pun intended, and gratefully we dodged the bullet here in Northeast PA).

    After using this knife nearly exclusively since receiving it, I mentioned to Dave how my entire outlook on knives has literally changed overnight. Until now I've owned, used, misused and at times, abused a 20+ year old set of Henckels Friodur Ice Hardened kitchen knives - my first and only knife set I've ever owned. This knife seems to be the perfect transition knife from the Henkels I've used for years and the Japanese knives I've watched many a chef use, care for and love.

    Now, well, let me just say that it is a brand new world! My keen interest in sharp blades (pardon the pun) has suddenly stretched beyond the bathroom and my straight razors, and into the kitchen where the options, as a neophyte, seem endless and a bit intimidating. Been looking at several chef knife websites (mostly related to Japanese knives/grinds) in an attempt to get my bearings, Dave suggested I stop by KKF to help get the lay of the land. ...after lurking for just 1 day, I am glad I followed his advice!

    Just wanted to introduce myself, say hello, and publicly thank Dave, Jon & Sara, and say I am looking forward to learning more than I can even imagine about knives and more!


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    Welcome to KKF, Joshua.


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    Welcome to KKF!

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    Welcome welcome!

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    thanks so much!!!

    truly great to be here....

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    hey... glad you like the knife and even more that the money went to a great cause... welcome to KKF

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    Welcome to KKF.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    hey... glad you like the knife and even more that the money went to a great cause... welcome to KKF
    Thanks Jon! and to say I like it is understating things just a tad! She's already been named: Mayumi - after the beloved wife of my old sushi chef in LA, Kenji Suzuki who, together with Mayumi, were the proprietors of Sushi Suzuki which was located at Olympic & Bundy throughout the 90s - and were my defacto adopted parents when i first moved to Los Angeles - one would think I'd have picked up on the japanese knives back then, tragically I didn't)

    It was your donation, and Dave's customization, that woke me from my cutlery slumber lol.

    thank you again for a generous donation for a great cause! I believe the total raised in the auction was over $16,000!

    Quote Originally Posted by kalaeb View Post
    Welcome to KKF.
    thank you!!

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    Welcome!! Glad to have you here.

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