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Thread: Another cleaver ID...

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    Another cleaver ID...

    Just picked this up at an antique mall for the large sum of 12$. Some rust but seems like no pitting, handle is secure, but a little dry. No edge to speak of, but that will be resolved shortly, lol. There is a slight over grind in the middle of the "belly". Sorry for the crappy iPhone coffe shop lighting picks, excited to get this home tonight and start cleaning her up. Any ideas as to age, maker, ect.... I will try to get better pics with my real camera tonight after work

    It's very rough, lots of hammering marks, uneven spine thickness, but is very thin behind the blade. I'm going to clean her up, lightly sand then oil the handle, then use the crap out of it.

    Thanks in advance

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    So... We don't think this is Japanese, but in Japanese we think it reads "Teigorou Shoukiri Shoukihouyou."

    I assume Teigorou would be a name... Sorry, I can't be of too much help. Good luck!

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