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Thread: Canning fish?

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    Thanks for the tips, everyone. I had googled for instructions on canning tuna and most of them go in the same direction, this is the one I bookmarked: But I was thinking about adding more good quality oil to it and I like the idea of using an infused olive oil. I understand that sous vide would be a great way to prepare it, but I am looking for longer storge, just to have some around. Using tuna belly sounds like a great idea also, maybe this is my excuse to get a whole fish and play with my unused deba... I feel a little apprehensive about butchering a nice whole fish, I wish I could do it while someone is looking over my shoulder who knows what they are doing... In any case, this will go on my list of projects after the semester ends.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrew H View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, but sous vide does not preserve food, like the canning method does.
    Depends on the packaging material used. I don't know if Stefan, plans to keep this for long extended periods, but you can preserve products with this type of method for quite awhile. Many products are being packaged and sold using this method, making freezing, chilling, reheating more efficient, even used now by military.

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    I think canning it is a great idea, but for the olive oil, don't put garlic in it. There are problems with keeping root foods from growing botulism that they might be carrying. You can acidulate the garlic by boiling it in vinegar, or kill the possible botulism by roasting the garlic(swell idea IMO). But why do people want to get in the way of a great piece of tuna?! Just can it!

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