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Thread: Making homemade bacon

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    Quote Originally Posted by apicius9 View Post
    Looks great! I had looked at the bacon recipe in the 'Charcuterie' book, but never got around to it, don't have the perfect equipment dor it either. Jason, I haven't looked for pork belly prices, but I sometimes don't buy pork in supermarkets because I find it is so cheap that it just cannot have been produced in any way that is healthy for the pig or for me... I'd rather pay a bit more and know where it comes from.
    I steer clear of industrially produced meats too. I got the hankering to make bacon after reading Ruhlman (Paul Bertolli too) and took the plunge with mail-ordered heritage pork bellies. I've purchased kurabuta from Snake River Farms and other breeds -- duroc, berkshire, tamworth, red wattle -- from Heritage Foods. They go for around $9/lb + shipping which is not too bad for me in CO but probably out of the question for you in HI. Heritage Foods also has jowls ($5/lb) if you are interested in making guanciale.

    These pictures are of a kurabuta belly, half done with a brown sugar cure (Ruhlman), the other half as pancetta tesa (from Bertolli). No smoke, just baked for a couple of hours @ 250 as described by Ruhlman. The tesa made outstanding pasta carbonara and frissee aux lardon.

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    Wow, that looks great!

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    Damn that looks awesome!
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    Just looking at that is making me break out in fat.

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    Great looking bacon man. The tube idea looks smart. For me lately its been pellets in a frying pan, heated on stove til it catches on fire and burns some (window open, battery out of smoke alarm), and then flame extinguished, and pellet frying pan shoved into stove under the pork belly slab. Ahh, the things one does to get some decent bacon around here.

    ps, the house smells great.

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