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Thread: TW-90 Surface Grinding Attachment

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    TW-90 Surface Grinding Attachment

    Travis Wuertz came up with this surface grinding attachment for his grinder a while back. I'm sure some of you have seen it, but if not, it's worth watching to see an efficient way to do tapers (and many other applications).

    It runs at a hefty price of around $800 if I remember, but there are clear pros and cons.

    I drool over this, and can only imagine the possibilities....

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    He also has a slightly less (or more, as the case may be) trick version for the Bader and KMG grinders.

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    What would be the cons???? I used Randy's TW and I see one in my near future.

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    I'm not sure of cons besides the high price, but maybe size limitations? I'm guessing it's not as precise as a dedicated grinder either - I can't imagine being able to hold tolerances under a thou, but I could be very wrong.

    It seriously looks awesome for some efficiency. Distal tapers and tapered tangs would be so quick with it. Overall the TW90 looks like a very, very good machine. I love the tension adjustment - actually, I love everything about it.

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    I'd love a TW-90 if he'd only make a horizontal platen like I'm used to grinding on. I'm too stuck in my ways to change.

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    Dave, do you mean horizontal platen, oriented like this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Don Nguyen View Post
    Dave, do you mean horizontal platen, oriented like this?

    Yup, except I have 2" Coote laid on it's back spinning away from me with the contact wheel at the opposite end. This is the ultimate sharpener's set up that I was using when I transitioned to knifemaking, now I'm sort of stuck unless I retrain myself on vertical platens.

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    I remember you had a KMG or similar for some reason. I know you got that new disk grinder?

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    I've also got a disc and an incomplete (welded) no-weld grinder in the works which I'll probably just use for a small wheel attachment.

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    Thats a SLICK looking attachment. I might have to ask Santa for one for Christmas this year!!

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