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Thread: Cigars and coffee....OH YEAH

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    Can I just say I love you guys!

    I'll tell you what, I will definitely take you guys up on your generous offer but only when I am running low on my Red Bird Espresso so as to not waste your effort in the roasting process. I know after a week that the flavors begin to deteriorate.

    Thanks in advance,

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    The Bodum is probably the best choice--an iconic design too.

    I have the 3 cup and the 8 cup. The 3 cup only makes 1 mug of coffee. If I had to do it over again I would have purchased the 8 cup first and be done.

    Regarding cigars, been there done that. Cigars are fun. Pipes are really nice, but I never smoked them in public for risk of looking like a d-bag. I will have the odd cigar on vacation, or if it is offered to me while camping. I sold my humidor and pipe outfit off a couple years ago primarily because I just don't smoke enough to justify the maintenance. The tobacco store does a better job and keeping cigars than I do so if I want one I just go there, plastic baggy it and smoke it within the next few hours.

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    Well, I just brewed my first Bodum French Press coffee with some fancy target brand nicuraguan whole beans, which were roasted god knows when and I am already in love. I am enjoying said coffee with a La Aroma De Cuba Mi Amora Robusto, and that is a very nice start to a fall Sunday.

    Thanks again guys,

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    Very cool, congrats Pete. I'm excited for your good coffee to arrive.
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    I bought a REI branded titanium french press a few years ago to take on my bicycle tours, but find myself using it at least twice a week at home when I don't want to make more than a cup (a very rare thing, as I'm a caffeine addict, and drink about two pots a day) of the rarer or different beans I get. Here in town there is a wonderful artisan roaster who roasts some of the best coffee I have had, and being a good freind of mine, he will hook me up with some rare or not widely seen beans and roasts to try out. Sipping a cup of Indian Monsoon Mlibar as we speak. Nice and "muddy," very reminiscent of the soil it's grown in. Once a year harvest from south India, and well worth the wait.

    I have roasted my own before in a air pop-corn popper, with good results. I think a roaster is in my future, as my girlfriend was asking all kinds of questions, and having conversations with said coffee roaster about my preferred beans. At least I hope that is what's happening, lol.
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    I just had a wonderful of cup of my Target brand of Nicaragua coffee with an absolutely stunning cigar, a My Father Robusto. Perfect construction, razor sharp burn and a great full flavored cigar with no harshness.
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    Pete if you ever make it over to Detroit drop me a line and we can head over to Windsor and have a smoke @ Casa Del Habano. My favorite combo? Bolivar Bellicosso fino cabinet selection and Organic Rooster Farms Kona.


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    Dave that sounds like a glorious plan.
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    I am enjoying a couple of glasses of Johnny Walker Black with an Old Henry Robusto (Pepin blended cigar for Holts), which tastes great for the price.
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    I had a Punch Punch in Lille the other week with a glass of the local beer. Normally, I would say have a cigar, particualrly a Cuban one, with a shot of standard cafeteria window Miami Cuban coffee with way too much sugar.

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