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Thread: i've been thinking of making some leather goods for myself. tools. the tools!

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    i've been thinking of making some leather goods for myself. tools. the tools!

    i have been staring at websites. Tandy Leather company and similar.

    the tools are daunting!! how do i know what (basic) tools i need to buy if i dont even know the techniques i need to perform.

    i have watched countless knife sheath making videos, so i know some. knife, bevel tool..punches, awls..etc. needle thread.

    anyone ever buy one of those "starter tool kits"?

    i just want to build some knife sheaths, and Axe sheaths. i have re-purposed a few old vintage kitchen knives to full time hunt butcher duty. i really want to make some nice leather sheaths for storage safety. i sharpened a Gerber Axe for my brother. it is a razor. it is dangerously sheath-less. it needs a cover for storage. safety first!

    any tips?

    i have a Tandy Leather store near my office..i hope to walk thru their doors sometime next week.

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    Might want to PM Chef Niloc. Marko would be good as well, although I think he's out of pocket for a few weeks.
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    Not really a leather worker, have made chisel bags for Ice Carving tools. A roll type soft leather for regular size chisels & a Long bag for holding everything including long handle chisels.

    Used a Leather sewing Awl kit with a heavy waxed thread. Those bags held up many years. Would keep electric chain saws at Hotels I carved at. Strap the leather bag behind me on motorcycle. Get around better on a Bike & parking was free.

    That heavy waxed thread seems to last forever.

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