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Thread: Cigars and coffee....OH YEAH

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    Prepping for a job interview, enjoying the last of my Red Bird Espresso coffee and an Old Henry Robusto.

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    Ok guys, since I've finished off my Red Bird Espresso, what do you recommend I try next for coffee beans?
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    Call me a provincial goober, but I like the Illy espresso, although it is pretty pricey here compared to what it sells fro in the home market, I am sure.

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    I am ending the day with an Old Henry Maduro corona.

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    It started off a bit funky probably because it needs a bit of age but after the first third it settled into a very pleasing smoke.
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    This is my typical start to a day (beans vary). I, typically, love Portuguese coffees. They tend to be slightly earthy, with a natural sweetness and a touch of acidity at the middle, but a warm cacao aftertaste. I don't even remember what these beans are called, but it's a medium roast and I really like it!

    And, for those who might be wondering, the mug is courtesy of Tom Gray.


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    I love your back splash, well done sir!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stereo.pete View Post
    Ok guys, since I've finished off my Red Bird Espresso, what do you recommend I try next for coffee beans?
    Ristretto roasters, the owner Dinder is a friend of mine,and does a great job.

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    Thanks for the recommendation Jim!
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    My pleasure! Here is another> http://www.ajcoffeeco.com/ Jason is another great guy who definitely sweats the details.

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    Great thread!

    Anyone have experience with Frieling French Presses ?


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