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Thread: many then?

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    I'm curious, I've had a look, and haven't seen a thread on this before. I'm wondering how many kitchen knives and stones KKF members tend to have in their collections?

    I'm talking 'expensive' quality knives and stones. Things you're happy to discuss here, but which 'normal' people tend to know nothing about. For example, I've got a Global and stone which I won't bother mentioning, a Sanelli chef knife too which won't count, and several cheapos that I might use to pry open coconuts. No, I don't mean those.

    My tally is very modest by KKF standards I think: 6 good Japanese knives (2 petty, 1 santoku, 1 nakiri, 1 deba, 1 gyuto) and then 8 'stones' (3 Jnats, 4 synthetics, 1 diamond). That's it in a nutshell. My overall total: 14 pieces. Lean and mean.

    In comparison I know another member here with 25 stones and over 60 knives - he's nearly at 90 - but I'm sure others would make him look modest.

    No doubt the totals will be all over the place, but it'll be interesting to see. How many have you got?

    (Incidentally, no vendors. You'll just embarass us.)

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    20 'good knives' (i.e., not the Henkels, Wusthofs, etc. we started with), 4 synthetic stones, 2 DMTs and 2 natural stones. And 3 BoardSMITH cutting boards
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    40ish, I think. 6 or 7 stones.


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    55 including current passarounds. Was up to 80 at one point. Won't tell you how many stones/hones

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    Speaking of lean, I have 4 knives and 2 DMT plates (1200 and 8000 equivalent) and a strop. Don't use any stones at home.

    Compared to most, I am like a poor relative.

    I find these to cover all my cutting needs. Will add a couple more later on.


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    50-ish knives, 30-ish stones (mostly synthetic), at least a dozen diamond plates of various construction, a small pile of nagura and a pile of strops from various materials along with a bunch of abrasive compounds of various grits. A strop, four stones and three nagura I strictly reserve for razors.

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    Hopefully I'll start with one soon.

    EDIT: Well actually, I have a worn DMT.

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    Sold off or gave away almost everything I have except for daily users. I am <10 now and happy with it. At one time it was close to 50. I keep my stone set up minimal as well, with only 5.

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    i'm down to 8 gyutos, a suji, a yanagi, an usuba, two paring knives, two petty knives, three quality vintage chef knives, and a quality vintage slicer. i'm down to 10 stones, all synthetic, and three diamond plates. there are many more knives in the house, but the rest are mostly smaller knives that my wife uses, though some are decent.

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    5 knives, 6 stones. pretty modest as well.
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