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Thread: many then?

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    Knives, around 20, not counting the cheaper ones like the KAI Wasabi I use for filleting on the boat, the Dexter International Yanagiba I use for slicing pizza's, the 2, 7 3/4" AUS-8A chefs knives or 6" Santoku in the same series, or the Carbon Green River old style knives.

    Stones, I have 16 that I use and a few more cheap diamond stones/plates, plus 2 stone holders, nagura stones, strops, etc.

    I am trying to narrow my knife selection down to 2 categories. First category is Carbon, which I greatly prefer when I am at home. Second category is Stainless, which I use for when I am in a rush, helping out with game dinners, etc where I may not be able to keep them as clean and dry as I would like.

    But then again I just ordered 3 80mm 52100 Pettys and 3 AEB-L 80mm pettys, have a 300 Gesshin Ginga Suji on order with JKI, looking for a carbon 270mm laser gyuto, etc!

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    I have to note that those of us who indulge in both Japanese single-bevel knives as well as western double-bevels will tend to have higher counts. And those of us who like cleavers will have yet another category to consider

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    I don't really have all that big a collection of knives.
    About 15-20 or so I reckon.
    The stone count is somewhat higher
    About 50 or so, slighty higher perhaps.
    But then again, honing 300 razors does require some variation in hones

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    I have 9: 6 knives consisting of 2 gyutos (soon to be 3, I hope), 1 suji, a paring, a flexible fillet knife, and a bread knife, as well as 3 stones.

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    around 35 knives, ~12 stones and 5 dmt's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Birnando View Post
    I don't really have all that big a collection ... then again, honing 300 razors does require some variation in hones
    300 razors? Good Heavens! Do you operate a shave-shop?

    ... Interesting submissions so far, guys. Keep it up!

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    About 25-30 knives, 5 stones, 1 DMT, 2 bench hones...and numerous other pretty trinkets like sayas from Eamon, paper knives and silk bags from Jon, a spoon and so on.

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    13 knives--3 gyuto/chef, 2 santoku, 1 nakiri, 1 filet/boning, 1 ajikiri, 2 utility, 3 paring. 4 stones. (Not counting the backup german knives for guests & watermelons.)

    Since 13 is unlucky, maybe it's time for a new knife....
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    10 240mm & 5 210mm gyutos, 5 santokus, 1 nakiri, 7 Chinese cleavers & few Shun paring/bread knives. 3 stones & various materials strops along with few compounds.
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    Say 10 knives, 4 stones and an Atoma. I have a few King stones I haven't used in a long time so I don't count them. In terms of knives I use regularly there's only 4

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