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Thread: First Friction Fit Custom Saya

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    Quote Originally Posted by Burl Source View Post
    Good Job.
    thanks! means a lot. have my eyes on some flaming redwood!!

    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    Nice job! Did you intend to carve it in addition to laminating it, or did it just end up not fitting without a little adjustment? My Shig did that to me, I had to alter the interior of the sheath to get the tang to fit without stressing the wood.
    thanks! yes i did intend to carve it prior construction! through trial and error i found this works best, only having to make minor adjustments after construction to get a solid fit without stressing the wood or choking the tang.

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    They look fantastic dude!! I wish my first one came out that good!!

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    looks super clean, does the edge touch the inside?

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