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    161k+ views atm. how disturbing is it that i thought it was cool? (I said to a room full of knife knuts)
    BBQ Heretic

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdipisReks View Post
    i was being pretty snarky, i was agreeing with you (though i am certainly an Obama supporter).
    Ah, language barrier, i thought you held that as a "reddit must be good, Obama answered some questions on it!"

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    I love Reddit. Lots of good, non-idiot stuff on there.

    I think this is awesome that there are so many people exposed to your video Salty - idiots or not

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    Wow, Salty. Almost 3/4 of a mil. Almost in the 1 mil club Cool anyway you cut it!

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    LOL there was a guy who thought the hamon was rust. People are strange.

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