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Thread: Cheap Nakiri - which to get

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    Cheap Nakiri - which to get


    1) $50 - Tojiro Shirogami Nakiri 165mm - White #2
    2) $80 - Dojo Hayashi Nakiri 165mm - AS covered in stainless
    3) $85 - Tanaka Kurouchi Nakiri 165mm - blue

    Since my other thread trying to talk me out of a nakiri didn't work I figure I should get it the desire out of my system as cheap as possible.

    Leaning towards 1) cause its really cheap maybe the $30 dollars would be worth it for the AS.


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    I still say get a cleaver, but out of those three I would go with the tanaka. I have a few Tojiro from the same line, and while I love the steel, they need some work OTB (ie; removing or smoothing the KU finish, not very sharp, ect...) and the handle with the plastic ferrel is awful. I had a Dojo petty, and hated it. But that might just be me. I was also looking at the tanaka nakiri for at home, but ended up with another CCK cleaver, lol.
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    Of my handful of nakiri, the only one I actually do not like to use is the Tanaka KU nakiri. Fit and finish issues I can accept at this price point, but I really don't like it's feel: too light, weight too far back, gives a flimsy feeling. It's been while since I used it, so maybe I should give it another chance, but it feels like a chore to have to do so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmadams13 View Post
    I still say get a cleaver
    Why the cleaver over the nakiri?

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    Kiwi Brand, from Thailand. Best $5-10 you'll ever spend!

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    got a link to a place that sells them online?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonhaber View Post
    Why the cleaver over the nakiri?
    I do recommend small Chinese cleaver for home cook. check out the profiles, the Chinese cleaver is more all-around knife, good for push cut, rocking & chop. some nakiri's blade just too thin & light to be a good utility knife.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cclin View Post
    I do recommend small Chinese cleaver for home cook.
    Like the cck small cleaver?

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    I have the dojo and the steel takes and holds a great edge. Very simple but fine f &f.

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