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Thread: What to do with a goat?

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    What to do with a goat?

    A freind of mines parents have a little farm, and raised a few goats. Tomorrow we are gonna slaughter a younger one, and have a end of harvest party on Sunday. I have been issued the task of cooking the goat after we are done the butchering, and making goat scrapple (really good $h!t I must say, after some pork fat is added) and other offal yummyness. They said I will be givin the whole body, minus a few bits, head and all. I was thinking spit roasting, but am not sure. They have a hearth oven outside, but am not sure its big enough, and would like to keep the animal intact as much as possible.

    So... I have never cooked a whole goat before, pig yes, goat no. Any suggestions? These we simple people, oth simple tastes. As much as I hate the word, as to me it's just another way to say lazy, I would like to keep it as Rustic as possible.

    TIA~ joe

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    There are a couple recipes for spit roasted goat out there that look pretty good. Here's one: goat

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    Oh man I love slow barbequed goat. Think Brazil gaucho style.

    I've had Ethiopian Zil Zil made with goat that was out of this world. Unforgettable even.


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    Jamaican jerked goat! ESP if you have real pimento <sp> wood to smoke it with.

    it doesn't work for a whole goat, but an Andhra-style goat curry is amazing! One of our forum members recently tried some a friend of mine made...I'll let him speak for himself though.
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    FUnny this topic came up. I won't hijack you, I'll post my own, but I'm interested in goat as well.

    In this istance, spit roasting would be the way I go as well, with the garlic and rosemary treatment, holes poked in the skin and herbs stuffed/studded inside.
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    Here in Fort Worth, Time Loves Woodshed restaurant fixes goat all the time. They have a flag with a goat on it that they fly when it is the meat of the day. Now I got a hankering for some goat tacos...

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