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Thread: bridgeport mill

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    bridgeport mill

    its in the works cant wait (tho im not sure how im movin git yet
    R8 tooling so all lmy mini mill tooling swaps i l have to run it off my VFD but thats good news too
    also as luck woudl have it its the small table that i have been looking for (32 inch long )

    pictures when its in the shead

    i got alot of readinng to do on the extra stuff that can be done on a bridgeport and then make my crappy little mini mill into a drill presss

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    Congrats Butch. Bridgeport is a very nice machine!

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    Very cool, we will definitely need pictures!


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    Used to use Bridgeport lathes and mills at works---NIIIIICE!
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    its goin g to be like stepping up from my dellta 1x42 belt sander to the KMG or my HF 4x6 saaw and then the 14 inch roll in saw that i got (i sooon shouold have all my base tools )

    guess that means i can stop looking for new tools right

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    Bridgeport is a cool machine. Congrats.

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    see if this works for a picture (tricky for me to not load from my site

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    guess that means i can stop looking for new tools right [/QUOTE]

    ....for teh time being before the itch comes and we rationalize that we can be more productive , efficient and produce better adn nicer products.... as a justification to spend on what we desire

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    That´s a nice looking machine! Congratulations!

    I worked my way through college running a Bridgeport and a Hardinge lathe. My old, crusty boss used to say, "Son, I´ve pretty much made one of everything there is to make."

    So I know you´ve got a list of projects that have been running around in your head over the last couple of years. What´s first to make?

    If you need some enabling on tools to buy, a Digital Read Out on that machine would be very nice along with power feed. That´s the cool thing about Bridgeports, easy to upgrade.


    The New Mexican

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