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Thread: CCK 1303 or CCK 1103

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    My chef's knife is an 8" Forschner/Victorinox with Fibrox handle. Not fancy by any means, but it does well enough. I find the blade is too small to use as a scoop for transporting chopped veggies in the way I see cleavers being used. Also when chopping onions, the pieces stick to the knife and then come up and over the top of the knife as I go, and I sometimes find myself stopping to wipe off the knife after every cut, or every other. When it come time to chop a big bunch of kale or other greens, I find it not quite big enough. It sort of just gets lost in the pile of greens. I suppose I could just try a 10" Forschner.

    The Japanese knives are mostly out of my price range. I would love to try a $200+ gyuto, but I don't think that's in the cards in the near future. The Chinese cleavers appeal to me because the CCKs are available within my price range and seem to be highly regarded.

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    I was just at Chef City the restaurant supply here in San Diego and they had about 20 CCK'S
    so if your in the area and want to handle before you buy .and the price is in line with other places .
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    You know, come to think of it, I have a Forschner santoku that's been languishing in my drawer for a few years. I bought it when santokus were all the rage and quickly gave up on it. But I was probably trying to do a rocking cut like I'm used to with my chef's knife. I should try again with push cut and chop motions, to see how I fare with those. If I find I can't get used to those techniques on the santoku, perhaps I should give up on the cleaver idea entirely.

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    fwiw I went with the smaller cck (op here). I went with it cause it mostly because it was cheaper and wanted to try a cleaver. Very nice knife. The small is still a nice size, big enough for most work (haven't used it a lot yet though), and fits nicely in my drawer as I didn't have space on my magnetic rack. Happy I went with the smaller option esp as a home cook.

    All this said my fav knife right now is my dojo nakiri and I have a more expensive 240 gyuto, extra wide santoku as well, ect..

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    The 1103 or 1303 will be a significant upgrade over the Forschner. Thin CCK cleavers cut nearly as well as the more expensive Japanese brands. The steel is softer, so the edge doesn't last very long. They are very easy to sharpen. Some people prefer ease of sharpening over edge retention.

    You may find that cleavers do not suit you. It's not a wasted effort though. I've found that learning how to use a large cleaver improved my overall knife skills. There isn't a knife that doesn't feel too large in my hands.

    In your previous post you mentioned that you do a lot of fine dicing and mincing. That is easier on a small cleaver. I can dice and mince, nearly as well, on a large cleaver, plus I have advantages of a large cleaver. Since I've learned how to use a large cleaver, I haven't gone back to a nakiri or small cleaver.


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    As mentioned by a couple other's the 1301 is longer than 1303.The 1301 is a cutting machine,lite,long,carbon steel that gets very sharp,& thin,glides thu food.You can cut all you veg's.lettuce,piece of cake.much more blade on the board than a Santoku & it just cost a little more than a 1303.

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    The 1301 seems harder to come by than the 1303 right now, unless somebody knows of an economical source in or shipping to NC, USA. My local Asian markets don't carry CCK that I've seen.

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    ive got one on order from they have the full cck range, at what seems standard pricing. shipping to ozzy was 15, not sure about us....

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    I'm interested in how it goes ordering from them. I know of a few here, myself included that have thought about it, but just felt too iffy about ordering from them. Please let us know when you receive your order, or if you have any issues in billing or shipping. I understand your in AUS, but us USers can still find the info useful

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonhaber View Post
    can anyone compare these to the shibazi cleavers?
    The Shibazi cleaver that I have is heavy and sort of cheap. The weight allows it to cut bones or heavy tissue, but it is worthless for vegetable cutting. I'll use my Fanatic for the veggie work (if I'm not using a Gyuto).

    If you're looking for precise chopping/mincing, don't bother with the Shibazi - it's more or less a bone cutter (at least the one I have).
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