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    I decided to give the CCK 1303 a try, and it arrived today. My first impression is that it doesn't feel as big in my hand as I'd expected after reading a number of reviews along the lines of "when you actually see this knife, it's going to be surprisingly big". It was not surprisingly big. My first thought was that I should have gotten the bigger one (as several people here suggested). The factory edge was sharp but not scary sharp. I was able to sharpen it enough to (barely, not comfortably) shave my arm hair, which is no better and no worse than I've done with my Forschner stainless knives.

    My current impression is that I am pretty likely to order a larger cleaver before too long, but we'll see how I feel after using it for a while. (I'll post an update here.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jmadams13 View Post
    I'm interested in how it goes ordering from them. I know of a few here, myself included that have thought about it, but just felt too iffy about ordering from them. Please let us know when you receive your order, or if you have any issues in billing or shipping. I understand your in AUS, but us USers can still find the info useful

    1303 arrived. Absolutely no problems at any stage of the process. Provided with hong kong post tracking number. Stanley was quick to respond to my queries and helpful. Took two weeks over christmas and new years so happy with that too. Thumbs up. Now, to sharpen and chop!

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    I find it hard to believe people calling the 13xx series a "small cleaver". I have the 1301. It's enormous. It's 240 long and 4" tall. I honestly can't see a need for the 11xx series. Now my myland slicer is a small cleaver. Profile is awful though and it's basically become my bread knife

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