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Thread: Happy Birthday Seth!

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    Happy Birthday!

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    Belated Happy Birthday ya old goat.

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    Happy Birthday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth View Post
    Thanks all. This was a pleasant birthday - at 61, that's the best I want to say. I had my good friends over with their two little girls, my main squeeze (got an ipad mini from her), and best of all, my two children in the same room at the same time. Did I say children - 25 and 28 years old!!! My kids are very funny, somewhat arrogant (I mean confident), and best of all, self-supporting.

    I have met a handful of you guys and I have to say that in person people on this forum are as great as they are in cyberland. Any group that does a spontaneous mini benefit for one of our own, and expresses heartfelt concern for one of own....well, you just got to scratch your head and say this is very cool. Thanks for all the b-day wishes.
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    Really?! How did you find out? LOL
    No, thank you! It was such a pleasure working with you.

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