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Thread: Sharpening on a budget

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    I always suggest people have a bevel properly set for them, and get a mid grit(2k-5k) stone and a magic marker to touch it up with. Just one stone. Eventually, by natural progression, either:
    1. It will have a chip in it you are trying to get out and you ignore it for like 3 sharpening sessions and then you decide to get it out and it takes so long that you invest in a coarse stone.
    2. You will be getting consistent results and want to go further, and you invest in a higher grit stone or a loaded strop.
    3. You are a simple person and like the good results you get and never have buy any more stuff. Kudos to you, spend the money on food.

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    Agree with Eaglerock

    King KDS 45 dollars.

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