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Thread: Looking for Deba and Petty knives

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    Looking for Deba and Petty knives

    Hey. Hope everyone is well - espically those who have been affected by the storm.

    I am now looking for new Deba knife and also a new Petty knife. Finally converting from my western fillet and paring knife.

    I currently am culinary instructor who still works part time professionally so having quality knives that can hold up to everyday use is important.

    I would like to keep the Petty in the $150-$200 range and the Deba at the $300-$325 range. I am not against spending a bit more if necessary.

    I am looking for Japanese handles.

    Thanks for the help.

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    For the deba, consider the Blue #2 Ichimonji-Kichikuni on sale from bluewayjapan on eBay. Good reputation for grind and good steel for much less than most "name brand" blue steel debas. If you want to go "branded," the Masamoto KA (Hon-kasumi) line from Korin and the Gesshin Uraku line from JKI are well regarded, too.

    You have tons of options for petties under $200, but Jon's Gesshin Ginga line at JKI is well regarded.

    Good luck, and let us know what you buy!

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    Do you know what size you want on both and if you want carbon or stainless for the petty?

    Welcome aboard.

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    Also, do you want a 'full' deba or miroshi (sp)?
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    Carbon or stainless really doesn't matter for petty. Looking at 120 for petty and 180 for the Deba.


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    Looking for a full, true Deba to break down fish and chicken mostly. Need to get slicing knife though as well.

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    Thanks so much for the help. I will for sure do my research on these knives and put then on my possible list. I appreciate the info and will keep you posted on what I go with. Any suggestions in slicing knives while we are at it? Thanks again.

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    With 300 - 325 budget for a 180mm deba, you'll have quite a lot of decent choices: Yoshikane, Masamoto KK/ KS, Yoshihiro Namiuchi blue #1 to name a few; and for more economical options: Yoshihiro Honkasumi blue #2, Gesshin Uraku, Sakai Ichimonji Kichikuni, Sakai Takayuki etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rtabeek View Post
    Looking for a full, true Deba to break down fish and chicken mostly. Need to get slicing knife though as well.
    breaking down chicken with a deba? Is that a common procedure? It's single bevelled, a heavy blade with a fragile edge. I would say, have a heavy Western chef knife and a slicer (sujihuki).

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    Wouldn't use it for cutting through bones. More like removing breast and things like that. Where I work and teach, we bring everything whole and remove what is needed and use the rest for soups, stocks, etc. unless you think otherwise. Would love to know your thoughts on type of knife for breaking down birds. Thanks.

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