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Thread: Why the Petty and what size?

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    Pettys hold a strange place in my heart, and I'm not exactly sure why. But, they do! I find anything in the 150-170 range to be great for "everyday, two person meal" tasks. I'd say if I had to choose two knives to use, it'd be a toss up between a suji with some height at the heel, and a gyuto and my definite knife would be a mid-sized petty.

    I've actually saved a picture of Karring's "Travel Knives", because it just makes sense to me. I'm not a paring knife guy, eve though I try to be, but with a small gyuto, mid-sized petty and parer, you're ready for 98 percet of the tasks a home user would need. In fact, I might bring. My Marr petty into work today, as a result of this thread. I think it's all I'll really need at the hall....

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    Yes, TK is back.
    Quote Originally Posted by tk59 View Post
    You can give your preference and you can say what you want with impunity but you're presenting your statement as fact.

    This is EXACTLY why you should all have disclaimers in your sig line!

    I like a petty for cuttin the cheese. No seriously, the shorter profile has less drag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wenus2 View Post
    Yes, TK is back.

    This is EXACTLY why you should all have disclaimers in your sig line!

    good point!! you should let me know that earlier

    @ tk, no hard feeling! those statements just "my personal opinion and nothing more"
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    I use my petty like I used to use my paring plus a bit more. Good for in-hand work with fruits, and adequate for chopping off ends or slicing something like a tomato or two. Oh, and great for semi-soft and hard cheeses

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