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Thread: Keeping an even bevel from tip to heel

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    10-12 degrees was the lowest-really my goal was to thin the bevel then apply a primary cutting edge. It's a 70/30 (Pic is of the 70 front side). it seemed regardless of angle the uneven bevel would exist. Perhaps I am applying to much pressure on the sides of the stone rather than in the middle?

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    May be your stone is dished.

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    I thought it was a possibility-although I started with a DMT extra coarse which is how it all started.

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    I'd bet my dollars to your doughnuts that you're just seeing inaccuracies in the grind. Doesn't seem like anything worrisome, just hard to get a perfectly even bevel on an imperfectly ground knife.

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    Only on one knife makes me think it could be a grind issue. I have a similar hiccup in my Misono gyuto. Mine only happens when thinning, there is a low spot (over grind) by the heal, so the edge is fine (for now).

    I guess what I am saying is that it may not be your fault. And Welcome.

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    You may verify with the magic marker trick at a very low angle. Use newspaper to not alter the finish.
    If it's really an overgrind, the ink won't get abraded in the low spot area. That's a good reason for a return.

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