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Thread: Hiromoto AS Performance Package

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    Hiromoto AS Performance Package

    Every time I thin & etch a Hiro AS knife I receive emails and PM's from members asking about the cost of doing this to their knives. I try to be as inexpensive as I can when pricing this work but it comes down to a lot of labor and needing to charge for this amount of work appropriately. In about 50% of the quotes I give out I receive knives for work, and that's not bad, but I can't help but think that maybe if the pricing for this work was more reasonable then I'd have a greater percentage coming in. This post is about how to bring the thin & etch service to more people while adding some stimulus to my package.

    Here's what I'm thinking.....

    I'm offering (for a limited time) a coupon for sale that includes thinning, spine/choil rounding, etching, and sharpening service for all Hiromoto AS (western handled) knives at a significantly reduced cost.

    This price offer is possible simply because I'm going to do the work in batches of 2-3 knives at a time which makes me a lot more efficient than doing singles.

    If you purchase one coupon and send in your one knife it will have to wait until I get another in to do at the same time. If you purchase multiples (and I encourage this of course - LOL) then they will be serviced much faster as the wait time will be a lot less since they are their own group. Make sense?

    A couple of important notes...

    1. The results/appearance of the blade shown in the attached image is only a representation of what a Hiromoto AS gyuto may look like when thinned & etched. Each knife is an individual and will have individual characteristics that control the results of the work being performed. We offer no guarantee in the end results with regards to the appearance nor thickness of the blade post service.

    2. If you're in a rush please do not partake in this offer. I am extremely busy and will not be able to work on your knife immediately. As usual I will do my very best to process the work in the most efficient manor possible but I can not give out time estimates nor guarantees.

    Please see Hiromoto AS Performance Package for details.


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    I just received a PM asking about where is the best place to buy a new Hiromoto AS gyuto so that they can send it in for service. Here's the only place that I can recommend....

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    This is a really good way for us to use the forums as a kind of "co-op" to make things more accessible and efficient for both the customers and the provider. I'll probably end up taking you up on it--and highly encourage you to keep up the group buys, group work offers, etc.

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    I welcome, from past customers of this service, any and all testimonials here.

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    Wow. That's a great deal.

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    I could not be happier with mine!

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    I still think they are great knives, so I will be sending in one or two of mine also.


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    Soooo... No Wa handles? :/

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    Jim, your knife looks great. What wood is the handle?

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    Quote Originally Posted by apicius9 View Post
    I still think they are great knives, so I will be sending in one or two of mine also.


    Yeah they're awesome knives, just a little too thick. Send 'em in Stefan!

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