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Thread: Japanese Irezumi (Tatoo) Punishment....

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    Japanese Irezumi (Tatoo) Punishment....

    ... With a modern technology, we can erase tatoo with laser, but back in Edo (around 2003-1867) Japan, not so much... I wonder what happened if it turned out to be an wrong persecution. scary.

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    what do the different ones mean?

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    it's a work of fiction, but the tattoos reminded me of this:
    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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    It explains the different types of tatoo used for various crimes. There were also regional differences. For instance, the second from right is for fighting, and one right from it is thievery. One on the left shows three progression.. first offense will be just "一", then second time one more line will be added, and then finally for the third offence one more line is added to complete the irezumi that says "犬" (dog)... i think it's hilarious.

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    thanks for the translation...very interesting!

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    I think it's funny that all the faces look pretty miserable and little evil

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    The top right one kinda suits the guy. I bet he got his in Vegas.

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    Do you really think you may read one's merits or crimes from one' face? That is exactly where these signs were for. Cf. the mark upon Kain.

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    LOL Thats hilarious and would really suck to have "Dog" written on your forehead.

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    i know.... the best deterrent (warning?) ever. I wonder if someone with "dog" on his/her forehead was literally treated as a real dog that must suck, yes.

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