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Thread: Gyuto Showdown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notaskinnychef View Post
    So for the 147 it will cost me shipped, is the carbonext my best bet? I wanna order it while the sale is on :-)
    I think this line is currently the best value in Jknives; you really can't get more knife for less money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notaskinnychef View Post
    I wanna order it while the sale is on :-)
    That sale is on for like last 100 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by bieniek View Post
    That sale is on for like last 100 years

    Oh, looks like marketing got me lol. I bought one anyways, thought it was a good price, esp for my new budget. Thanks

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    Since we are on Carbonext,I hear alot that it is a good bang for the buck.How is it's geometry say compared to another good starter blade the Fujiwara FKM?From what I read it should be good on the stones as well.Is it really close to carbon wt. it's sharpening & edge holding?

    My knowledge of stainless & semi stainless is limited for extended time on board,however I have sharpened alot of stainless for other people esp.VG-10 Shuns.,Forschners.I do own a Fujiwara FKM,I like it's thinness behind the edge,think the steel is not bad for stainless,but it is the geometry that makes it a better blade than say a Forschner.Anyone own a Fuji & carbonext to compare?

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