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Thread: Shibazi 210 Carbon Clever " The starting of a Fire!"

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    this site has alot of cleavers to choose from in the $30-45 range. i plan on ordering several.

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    In your apartment,thats hard core

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    Gary is most hardcore

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    Quote Originally Posted by labor of love View Post
    this site has alot of cleavers to choose from in the $30-45 range. i plan on ordering several.
    Not trying to start a fire here at all but I feel compelled to tell you my sory with them. I ordered 5 cleavers, I got 4, and one was bent. the 4 were mailed to me in a large envelop, not even ny bubble wrap. When I contacted them the reply I got was... And I quote

    How bad and where is it bent, can it still be used?
    That's it, nothing about the missing cleaver, no mention of trying and or being willing to "fix" the problem. I responded saying. why does it matter how bad and where it's bent, the leavers were poorly packed and hat bout the missing one? Please respond on how you would like to handle this?
    Two weeks go buy and 2 or 3 more emails sent by me nd I finally get a response.

    sory for taking so long to get back to you I was very busy with other orders. Next time you order from us just send a copy of this email and ill give you 10% off your order or the price of the bent leaver, witch ever is less
    WHAT!!! I swear to you guys I'm not making this $..+ up and I don't see any point in telling the rest of the story, just know in the end I just gave up. I know I posted about this when it happened, I just can't find the post?

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    Posts deleted - you know who you are - let's keep it civil guys.

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