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Thread: moritaka 165mm petty vs fruit prep

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    I think that stripping the kurouchi is a bad idea, unless its stainless kurouchi of course. The exposed soft iron would have to be polished to a high level of finish to prevent reactivity problems. If you are cutting mountains of citrus you're on a hiding to nothing.

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    They do it to cut costs, make it easier to grind, for them and us, and for traditions sake, if you ask me.
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    used the knife again at work and used it for other prep today such as capsicum, mushroom, onion and tomato.
    it didnt react to mushrooms and the tomato was ok but the onion set off the bad smell again and it actually left metal colouring on the onion and the capsicum instantly gave the knife a brown colouring again but this time not rust.
    didnt bother cutting the citrus and juice prep with it today just used my stainless honesuki. i like this petty and i am hoping that a patina can form and it doesent keep messing with my prep, it does hold a very stable and intensely sharp edge and its a pleasure to use. but i will keep testing it out when i can. just got put onto breakfast section for a bit because the other chef is off at the moment so hopefully once i get off i can test it out on some more veg in a more bulk test. thanks for the input aswell guys.

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