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Thread: Antique Japanese knives

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    Quote Originally Posted by ecchef View Post
    You're talking about Ralph1396, Andy? He's definitely full of crap, but he does come up with some interesting pieces from time to time.

    Nice cleaver.
    Hahahaha yeah, that's the guy. :biggrin2:

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    Kaneso from Asakusa
    Awesome, thanks Jon! Kaneso's website for those interested. It's unfortunate the tip is so far gone...

    Looks like they still make a similar patterned knife:

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    Kaneso's Kanji is interesting, very flowing, cursive-like.

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    Thanks for posting those!! very nice!

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    I have a pretty old deba that I won off of eBay from a Hawaiian estate sale. Its very old, white steel and has a ho wood handle with a brass ferrule. It is at work right now so I can't take a pic of it but I might have one lying around somewhere. Lemme look for it.

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