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Thread: Blacksmith Hammer from Aitoyo

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    Blacksmith Hammer from Aitoyo

    I got some orders for Japanese Blacksmith hammer.
    So i figured maybe some of you want one too

    They are made in Sanjo, Niigata with Oak handle

    Here is the picture of one
    Name:  Hammer.jpg
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    The sizes i getting is 1200g. 750 DKK (without VAT) and 1300g. 800DKK (without VAT)

    Please preorder if you are interested, send me email or PM

    It is not something i will cary, well maybe 1 or 2

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    Stop..... Hammer time !!!
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    I'm interested! What's the price to Canada?
    This is exactly what I've been looking for as my Xmas gift!!!

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