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Thread: Food/Knife-Related Resolutions for 2013

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    Food/Knife-Related Resolutions for 2013

    Lucretia's post on pressure cookers got me thinking, and this morning I professed to my wife that I was going to learn how to use with at least moderate ability a pressure cooker -- then I told her -- but you have to get me a pressure cooker for Christmas first. There's the catch.

    So here are my food-related resolutions for the coming year:

    * Learn how to use a pressure cooker.
    * Learn about Portuguese wines (and drink them a lot )
    * Finally buy a good set of belts for my belt sander and start using it.
    * Get into a pizza dough routine so I can make homemade pizza with minimal effort.

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    Mine: don't buy anymore. I make that resolution often.

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    1. Learn how to cook rolled stuffed cabbage and some Japanese dishes.
    2. Learn how to sharpen knives. My dad has been wanting to teach me... I just worry how things get when parents teach you things.
    3. Learn how to bake puff pastry.

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    Food: Simplify. For dinner guests I have been trying to do way too much by myself.

    Knives: Buy more!
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    Get a new job

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    1. Get competent at sharpening
    2. Upgrade my knives, one by one.
    3. Get good at Chinese cooking

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    1. Take my food back to the basics and more "classic"
    2. Start baking with yeast water more
    3. Upgrade my grain mill to an electric model
    4. Buy more ODC
    5. Start making sayas for my knives
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    Cook my way through Ad Hoc at Home
    Get some custom knives

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    First of all, make more of my households foods from the ground up.
    An even better focus on greens and vegetables as part of our meals.
    We all love fish in our household, so learning more and better ways to prep and cook that is also important to me.
    We all train pretty hard(Running and MA), and balancing our diet accordingly is important to us, lots of room for improvement in that area.

    That's it really, along with more knives and stones. but that's a given to most members on here, right?

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    I don't know... I'm lost. Maybe I need to head to JKI to check out all the stuff I need but don't know it yet...

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