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Thread: Deal of the Day

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    Deal of the Day

    I just made new category in my Shop "Deal of The Day"
    I will change new product every day !
    This category will be up to 24 December 2012. Instead of doing some kind of Christmas sale, i think it is more fun

    Shigefusa or Kato knives will not be Discounted as waiting time on those is quite long.

    Hope you enjoy !! And thank you all for your support !

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    Senior Member heirkb's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Damn this is awesome! JNS everyday 'till 12/24!

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    Deal of the day today is Honyaki 270mm

    Check it out !

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    Weird Wood Pusher Burl Source's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Kerby, OR
    I like this idea.
    Keeps people coming back.
    and is fun to see what is the deal of the day.
    Mark Farley / Burl Source
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    Visit our web store

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    Thanks Mark, i also think its much more fun And i renew my stock

    Today is Huge Atagoyama !!

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    Atagoyama is sold, Deal of the day is updated Huge deal this time

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    That's CHEAP! What's this about a hamon? I don't see it.

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    Yep its very cheap There is Hamon there just very hard to capture on photo

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