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Thread: Time to make Friday night plans - ECG

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    Time to make Friday night plans - ECG

    Traditionally everyone traveling from out of town gets together Friday night at the Savory Grille. Its a very nice restaurant with a screened in porch area. I need to make reservations well in advance for a group our size, so I need a head count. Who wants to join us?

    Restaurant URL is.
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    holy ****, husband and wife team of chefs!? sounds like a nightmare to me! place looks good though, dont know if i will be in town friday night yet however.

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    We can't drive up until Friday night, so we'll have to pass on this (again) :-(
    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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    I can attest to the savory grille being a good restaurant. I've eaten there at the last two ECG's and the food is fresh, and cooked to perfection. I might add that they will make special orders also as my wife wanted vegi only last year and they came up with something even a meat eater would love. Oh my wife isn't normally a vegi eater just had a craving. I won't make it this year and will miss the Friday night dinner fore sure. I will miss you guys this year and perhaps next if still here I will make it.

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    lol this restaurant has to have the best cutlery of any place anywhere. If not, stop holding out, guys!

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    wish i could make it, but we dont get in to philly until late friday and then the drive... see you guys that saturday though

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    It's weather and work dependent for me. This year it will be a bike trip (the sissy motorized variety) Best case I'm there on Friday but no promises until we get some kind of forecast.

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    Joe, we surely expect you to be around for next year. You guys will be missed

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    Have a toast to absent friends, I'll be there in spirit


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    I might be able to make it but I would need to drive from philly, drive back that night, drive back in the morning....

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