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Thread: Time to make Friday night plans - ECG

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    So... I guess no reservations. If Salty makes it Friday, we'll take our chances somewhere.....

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    We are likely going to make it, Warren.

    Not worried if we just have to take out chances.

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    did we get any numbers for the Friday night? If it isn't looking like a group are getting together perhaps we'll just skip the motel cost and travel down Saturday morning. My son has a chance to do a soccer tryout that evening too and though there are other opportunities we'll take that one if there's no gathering.

    Let me know your thoughts.


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    Hi Moogi There din't seem to be much interest this year in Friday night. I expect Eldon will be here, but everyone else was non-commital, so I didn't make any reservations. I'd guess Ian can make the tryout

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    Well Saturday will be fabulous of that I am certain. We are looking forward to seeing the familiar faces and Iain will bring a swimming costume this time

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    Yes Warren I'll be there! Just started on my packing, so I will make it on time. See you Friday!!


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    He probably doesn't want to be reminded of that little episode

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