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Thread: sharpening frequency for pros

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    sharpening frequency for pros

    How often do you sharpen your knives?

    I know this is a very subjective question, highly dependent on the tasks at hand.

    I work meat so I tend to have to slice a lot of raw fish, and cooked meats w/ plenty of crusts (grill/plancha). We have sani-tuff boards at work so that saves on my gyuto but the slicer is abused for the aforementioned reasons. I find I need to touch up my gyuto weekly and my slicer twice a week.

    My go to work knives are around the 60hrc range, they're beaters as I don't trust ultra expensive knives at work. Bent tips are a common reality w/ tight spaces.

    Yoshihiro 270mm stainless gyuto
    Kanemasa e-series 300mm sk-4 suji
    Ichimonji TKC 150mm petty

    I know there are plenty of positive reviews for the kanemasa but I'm disappointed at its sharpening performance compared to other carbons I own (white 2 & blue 2). The tool steel just doesn't seem to want to take a razor sharp edge, duration of sharpness could be better.

    I can't complain too much though, it's cheap and stands up to abuse of a hectic line. Would be nice to have an upgrade...

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    Previously I would probably sharpen once a week tops, possibly stretching to every 2 weeks if I was feeling lazy.

    My current job requires a lot more knife work than any previous job I've held, everything is cut/chopped/minced on boards not a robo coupe or vita prep in sight. I'm using various chinese cleavers for pretty much everything (petty and honesuki on the side, but they don't see much action). 4 cleavers in use (Mizuno stainless, Rodrigue mid tech, Sugimoto #6 and Konosuke #6), which probably hit the stones 1-2 times a week. I could certainly get by doing them once every 2 weeks, but with the amount of prep it just gets annoying once they've lost that "fresh off the stones" feeling.

    The carbons lose the edge fairly fast, Mizuno is reliable and tends to be my line knife and Rodrigue definitely has the best edge retention (cpm-154 I think); loses the initial edge at a pretty standard rate, but settles nicely with a somewhat toothy edge and holds it for ages.

    Don't know what I'll try next. Would like to give Aogami super a shot, Moritaka and Takeda don't particularly excite me.


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    Once a week. Now don't get to cut as much as I used to. Still once a week. Before it was one gyuto for prep and one for service. Now just one knife, whatever I'm into. Having trouble getting away from my misono dragon 240. By now it is almost a suji. My knerdom is washing up a couple of blades every week to sharpen or fix too. Funny, I put everybody's knives on the green brick but never my own.

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    once week sounds about right. back when i was in a professional kitchen, the worst was around twice a week. but that's with my crap china made atlantic chef knives, made with german steel. can't compare how often i have to sharpen my j-knives since i haven't been in a professional kitchen over a year. lol.

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    Well, I went in yesterday with a freshly sharpened 150 petty and a 300 suji, had the fun task of breaking down 150 turkeys completely of the carcass, down to sliced breast meat, and picked dark. Needless to say, they weren't very sharp at the end of the shift. The petty is r2, and the suji is AS.....
    The difference between try and triumph is a little "umph"! NO EXCUSES!!!!!!!

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    I've been teaching for a little over a year now, so the volume of my work has decreased significantly. I usually touch up my gyuto once a week to keep it fresh, everything else gets to the stones every other week on average.

    When I was still running a restaurant kitchen my sharpening schedule was about once a week for everything, with an extra quickie here and there for my gyuto and slicer. We did a lot of raw seafood and tasting dishes off expo with fairly fine garnishes, so they needed to be kept a little fresher than the rest.

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    Twice a month or so, but I don't prep nearly as much as I used to. I also abuse the hell out of my Mac Ceramic to procrastinate as long as possible.

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    Once a month, maybe every 6 weeks. I try to avoid it as long as possible.


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    I'm right about in line with the rest of y'all. Depending on the menu that we have it can go from every two to three weeks to twice a week if there is something that requires a blazing sharp knife, or is a ruiner of blades.

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    Every two weeks or so with touchups on a mid range stone in between.

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