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Thread: Our Turkey Day!

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    Our Turkey Day!

    We were assigned to pies and mash potatoes this year for Thanksgiving. Here's how we spent our thanksgiving.

    We cheated on pies - our good friend's restaurant helped with them ! we were at Jon's parents home for dinner, so Jon didn't have the whole drawers to use all the knives he wanted this time.

    Our cats took their turns to come downstairs to say hello to us.
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    Nice pics as usual, thanks Sara. And when I grow up, I want a stove like that...


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    Jon's parents completed their kitchen just few weeks ago, and we are totally jealous with them! Jon and I have this HORRIBLE electric stove at our apartment, and it's just depressing... It disconnect itself in the middle of cooking, they don't heat up quickly enough, and it just doesn't get hot enough anyway.... When I can afford a nicer place, i really want the "real" stove and oven(s) and backyard!!

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    Nice kitchen and pictures .
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    You brought your cats with you?
    Nice pics, thanks for sharing. Time with family is priceless.
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    Quote Originally Posted by knyfeknerd View Post
    You brought your cats with you?
    Nice pics, thanks for sharing. Time with family is priceless.
    nah... our apartment doesnt allow pets, so they live with my parents now

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    we have three cats at Jon's parents' - Kiki, Lily and Jiji. Jiji, one in the photo above, is my favorite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sara@JKI View Post

    I love these the best
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zwiefel View Post
    I love these the best
    haha all i could think was kids in the hall "I'm crushing your head" or cake/pie in this case.

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