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Understanding what burrs are, how to form them, and how to get rid of them are essential parts of learning how to sharpen. In this video, we discuss the basics of burrs. We cover the basics of burr formation, burrs during different parts of sharpening, burr removal, etc. We also cover the "why" of burr formation. The formation of burrs can provide very valuable information in one's sharpening. For example, forming a burr tells you the following things:
-You are sharpening the edge of the knife and not just the area behind the edge
-If your burr is consistent and even in size from heel to tip, it tells you you are removing the same amount of metal along the entire length of the blade. This means you are maintaining the profile of your blade over time.
-Forming a burr tells you that you are removing fatigued steel from the edge of the knife and exposing fresh steel that will take and hold a good edge

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