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Thread: videos- whats next

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    i have 1 on tips, but i plan on reshooting it soon... its in the playlist right now though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gentlecook View Post
    So, what do you guys feel is missing? What about videos you'd like to see me re-shoot?

    Sharpening fo the long suji(270-300) from #400 to microbevel.

    and good video with Deba's microbevels.
    i will re-shoot the deba micorbevel video soon and i'll see if i can get a whole sharpening routine up too... might not be right away though.


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    Jon, I wonder if you could tell me which video contains the discussion on patina? Can't seem to find it.
    Another day, another band aid.

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    havent shot it yet... working on it as soon as i have time along with stropping, basic problems and repairs and some others

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    How about honbadzuke (out of the box) sharpening for single bevels--especially yanagibas? Is it substantially different from general single-bevel sharpening?

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    depends on the kind of sharpening people ask for. but for most people in most cases it will be the same.

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    This might make more sense in the Japanese knife society thread, but what about discussing the historical and functional differences between the profile styles of knife... I know one or two guys who thought a Sakimaru Takobiki looked awesome, but never used it, or conversely were warned off buying a kiritsuke but loved only having to have one knife out during service.

    I'm sure if you talk about Japanese attitudes about patina you would have lots of other stories about things you might not have initially expected to see in the habits of Japanese chefs.

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    Sharpening, repair, and re-profiling tips (including the first three inches or so) of single bevels please. With emphasis on yanagiba. Most of my very old yanagi tips and every other old yanagi I see could use some TLC in the tip area. I rarely see heavily used yanagi over a few years old with tip profiles that look original (including my own).

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    sharpening of single bevels is pretty well covered, but repairs, etc. i'll be doing soon-ish

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    I'd really like to make a video on how to round the corners of a sharpening stone with nail files.

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