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Thread: Sneak Peek...

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    That san mai blade is HOT!

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    The san mai is AMAZING!
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    Wowsiers. Well done!

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    I like this blade so much that I came back today for a 2nd look. Stunning work Pierre!

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    Thanks everybody! I was hoping to get a different result with the finish other than the typical light/dark contrast or full polish that seems to be the normal "Damascus" look. My goal was to get a bright polished finish, yet maintain contrast, a bit of a PITA. I did a hunter a few years ago using a similar construction, that had a bright edge, but dull sides. Ok for a hunter, but this seems a better solution for a kitchen knife.

    This one will wear some of Devins raindrop monument for bolsters, liners of some sort, stabilized redwood scales, and I will attempt my first redwood saya. Heck, it will be my first saya period!

    Stay tuned!

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    I personally like the year in the making suji...ah heck, they both rock!

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