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Thread: My new knifes

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    Quote Originally Posted by festally View Post
    Wow…I’ve never seen a Japanese steeled cleaver meant for bone breaking before. What is the hrc and blade thickness?
    Mine is 6.6mm on the spine.
    The hardness was planned to be ~58 nit sure if this is the actual HRC though. I hacked some chicken bones with mine and it does not show any sign of edge deformation from it. I am sure Max will try it on tougher bones soon.

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    I had only time to test Gyuto, and it work very good very thin behind the edge and its super cutter i love the geometry on that knife.

    Chopper i love the handle, very nice to hold on i think it can chop any bones with that wight Ya mine is about 7 mm too

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    Some real beauties there, Max!

    Ya know, I bet Colin's all over that cleaver.
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    Thanks guys, looking forward to hearing more as you use it.

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    Update on Cleaver my student want to try it out today and chop some vegs with it He ended out with splinted cutting board

    Btw Hide made blog about ours cleavers and how we ordered

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