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Thread: Tsukiji Fish Market print 1937

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    Very cool...thank you for sharing!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steeley View Post
    It's quite a cool print, isn't it? Love the massive tuna head on the trolley and the foreground guy with his bum up in the air. (Could that be a deba?) I think the place looks very much the same today; certainly the buildings and the people in a way, although I think these days it also looks a lot more congested than in this print.

    As far as I know Tsukiji is due to be closed, torn down and re-developed. (Not sure if others are aware or not...) I wonder if the new place will be good? Probably a lot more posh. Anyway, maybe they should even scale back; certainly much of the world's fishstocks have met their end here. (Still Tsukiji processes 10% of the world's seafood each day from what I know.) There just isn't as much left of it to sell and eat.

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    Very cool stuff.

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