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Thread: sad news

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    sad news

    I was just reading through some forums before going to sleep and i saw on FF that someone had posted a new thread "sad news"... as i read through it i couldnt belive it... the guy was saying that my friend KCMA who many of you know had died this past week... i had literally just talked to him days before. i couldnt believe it... i called his phone and then checked on facebook... its for real. I dont know how many of you really knew him, but we had worked together and had become good friends over the years... he just got married and sara and i met his wife for the first time the week we got back from japan. he had an adorable kid (who is growing up much faster than i can believe) and was working on opening his own place here in LA. i just thought some of you might want to know since it was such a surprise to me.

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    Its unfortunate to hear, and Ive just been noticing lately that a lot of people on the forums I visit are either passing away or getting hurt pretty bad. Bad trend. Hope ya'll have a safe and joyful holiday season.

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    That is sad news, indeed. He certainly had his own opinions, but I always appreciated his thoughts and contributions, although I have not been very active on FF recently. My thoughts are with his family.


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    In a ******* motorcycle accident. That absolutely sucks...especially when there are so many other rat bastards walking around that don't deserve the life they have. Probably wasn't even his fault. I'm cracking a new bottle tonight.
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    Wow...that's awful news. KC always kept me laughing and learning. He taught me a lot about what you can do with very little, when it comes to knives, among other things. All that really matters, though, is we lost a friend of the community, and his family is now without him. My thoughts are with his family and friends.

    I guess this is a terrible way for us to be reminded to reach out to our friends who we haven't spoken to in too long, just like you and Sara did. I'm glad you had a chance to meet his wife and see him before his passing.

    KC was like Corvette: brash, in your face, amazingly fun to watch, fast moving, well-loved and an absolute classic. He will be missed.

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    Woah.............................Woah,............ .....KC and I always had an interesting relationship. Never met the man but he was a fellow cook/asS$ kicker/brother. One forum member I would have loved to meet.

    I'll be thinking about him when I'm on the line this week. That will be my memorial. I think he'd like that.

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    Sad news, indeed. I learned a lot from his posts. He will be missed.

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    When I first became aware of Japanese knives KCMA impressed me as one of the few guys who didn't tolerate fools and walked the walk as a chef and a guy with exceptional knife skills and knowledge. I regretted never getting to his place when he was briefly working (huge hours) in NYC.

    My deepest condolences to his wife and kid.
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    Wow man i had also many discussions with him in past at FF, what a nice guy

    Really a sad day !!

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    For those of us who have been hanging around the forums for a few years it was hard to miss a post by KCMA. I have only my imagination as to who this guy was but his passing reminds me that behind the online personality is a guy with a family and friends... Today, my thoughts are with them.
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