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Thread: sad news

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    kcma was awesome. One of the things I liked about him was that even though he was so knowledgeable, he always respected other people's opinions and even when people were arguing with him and were clearly wrong, he always took the high road. I always hoped he would post here someday

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    Boy that is heavy. KC was real fun to deal with, he always had great posts and ideas.

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    That is terrible news, KC was a good guy he will be missed. Reminds me to drop in on old forums once in awhile.

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    Wow. That's horribly sad news indeed. Although he was a bit brash, I always thought his posts were a lot of fun and full of great info and ideas. I always wanted to catch up with him the next time I was in So Cal.

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    Oh man that is sad news. KC was one of those guys who always spoke his truths and I respected that. He'll be missed.

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    Had the chance to chat with him only a couple of times. Classy guy. He'll be missed.

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    RIP Chef Ma

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    sad news indeed.

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    Wow, I always steered clear of arguments with him because he was so knowledgable. He was a big name in many kitchen knife forums, and a friend to many old knife hounds here.

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    KC, Jon and I had so many promises, and I'm really sad that he went before a lot of them came true - we were supposed to go out with him and Ivy for ramen and other restaurants, eat at his future restaurants, etc. He asked me to help Ivy shop clothing, and I haven't even made time to do that.

    He was always a man full of stories - sometimes funny, sometimes irritating (you know how sarcastic he was), and sometimes really exciting and happy ones. We will always miss his phone calls, chat on FB, and dropping by to say hi to us. He was one of the best things left for Jon from the professional cooking world - I really think he exemplified what cooking was all about (not that I mean I was a chef/cook, but I thought so). More than anything else, he was always, without a single failure, cheerful around us, and supportive of us. He knew how much of a "pain" Jon is to work with, and he always took my side.

    We'll miss you KC - if your spirit is allowed to travel around for just a little while, I hope you would come say hi again.


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