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Thread: Kagayaki Etched

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    Looks great!

    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    You know it took longer and I actually worked harder on creating this thread than working on the knife itself. Lol true story.
    We've got to get you a computer, Rick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThEoRy View Post
    I recently purchased a kagayaki 240mm Damascus gyuto from olpappy as a gift for my boss. Received it today and gave it the full spa treatment. First I buffed the patina off with wet dry sandpaper from 600 - 1500 until it looked shiny like a new shun. Ran hot water over it to heat up the blade and washed it off with rubbing alcohol and dried it off. Now poured the etching fluid directly on the blade one minute per side then neutralized with water. Repeated 3 times until desired results. Dried off the knife and wiped off the excess black stuff. Buffed with micro mesh pads, sharpened the blade and buffed the handle with mineral oil. Here are the results.

    Hi Rick, could you please tell a bit more on the etching fluid used (acetic acid, citric acid..?¿) im very interested on acquiering myself a 120mm Kgy. petty
    and would like to know a bit more on how to proceed to get it in such a prime condition.

    Sorry if this has already been answered in some thread, im new on the forum

    *Thanks for the info.

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    Pcb etchant from Radio Shack. I have sometimes mixed it with white vinegar but there's a certain way to mix it so as not to cause a flare up. There's a thread around here that Dave created which helped me get started.

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    Thanks a lot for the info., ill keep the procedure in mind. Ill likely start by a more user-friendly procedure like the hot vinegar etching process also described in the forum.

    Once ive experimented a bit and got the technique ill consider the leap on material.

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    If you do a google search on "damascus etching" you will see the link to the original post by D. Martel. I read it a few years ago and was impressed that he hid it on a KD.

    take note as to the process as to diluting thr solution if required.

    have fun

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    Looks great Chris

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