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Thread: UK Knife sites

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    Eden Webshops sell Choseras and Naniwa stones, but there is also Dieter Schmid - Fine Tools. They are based in Germany but I've bought a few things from there and the service was great. There is also Maxim of JNS of course, who is based in Denmark. All very good choices, even though they aren't based in the UK

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    I have used the Germany place, its got a good selection and delivery was pretty much as quick as a uk shop. Highly recommend tools from japan too, although you may or may not get zapped for some import tax. Prices, selection and service are very good. And of course maxim, especially if you want to try something natural. last time I got something from him it came within 2 days, pretty amazing really.

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    Howdy TB_London... Still here, Just not been on for a while! where are you based? I would be more than happy to arrange a meeting/Knife session! By the looks of things you have some sweet looking blades.

    I have indeed been likened to Cut Brooklyn... but let me assure you, my knives have been designed by me with no influence form Joel. Anyway, Im exhibiting in London soon at the best of britannia show. Pop down if your around.

    All the best. Cheers, Ben

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    I found this:

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